River Memory


For orchestra (3/3/3/3, 4/4/3/1, Timp, 3 Perc, Hp, Pn, Str)

10 minutes

Commissioned and premiered by National Youth Orchestra of Canada, conducted by Janathan Darlington at FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre, St. Catharines, Canada, July 26 2018

Additional Performances:

  • NYO Canada, Jonathan Darlington, cond., Koerner Hall, Toronto, Canada, July 29 2018

  • Esprit Orchestra, Alex Pauk, cond., Koerner Hall, Toronto, Canada, Jan 20 2019

A work inspired by the Niagara Falls, contemplating on the transformation of cultural identity.

  • CLICK HERE for program note.

  • CLICK HERE for a blog post for Esprit Orchestra on the composing process of River Memory.

Commercially released on NYO Canada’s CD “Migrations: 2018 NYO Canada Album”, available for streaming and download on iTunes/Spotify.

Full recording:

For orchestra (3/3/3/3, 5/4/3/1, Timp, 3 Perc, Hp, Pn, Str)

7 minutes

Commissioned by the Chicago Center for Contemporary Composition. Recording session with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, conducted by Cliff Colnot at Chicago Symphony Center, Chicago, IL USA, Feb 5 2019

The work explores the idea of envisioning the orchestra as a spatial entity, an edifice made of sounds.

Recording available upon inquiry.

Espace Lumière


Waves, Exile


For orchestra (3/3/3/3, 4/4/3/1, Timp, 3 Perc, Hp, Pn, Str)

10 minutes

Winner of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra call for scores (2016). Reading by the TSO, conducted by Gary Kulesha in Roy Thomson Hall, Toronto, Canada, Jan 28 2017

The work is about journeys of no return. It was inspired by poetry excerpts from the American poet Tim Nolan’s "My Dead":

“They live in The Land of Echo, The Land
Of Reverb, and I hear them between
The notes of the birds, the plash of the wave

On the smooth rocks. They show up
When I think of them, as if they always
Are waiting for me to remember”

Full recording: