In three movements: I. As Brids Brings Forth the Sun; II. Salt; III. Undercurrent


For piano

10 minutes

Premiered by Daniel Pesca in Fulton Hall, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA, Nov 5 2017

Additional performances:

  • Irene Kim (Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra), Glendale City Church, Los Angeles, CA, USA, April 27 2019

  • Irene Kim (Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra), First Presbyterian Church, Santa Monica, CA, USA, April 29 2019

Isles resulted from my reading of the Lost Salt Gift of Blood, a collection of short stories by the Canadian novelist Alistair MacLeod. Drawing inspirations from the writer’s hauntingly beautiful depiction of the Canadian maritime landscapes, this piece displays three musical “isles” in three movements set in contrasting landscapes and moods: shimmering and light, resoundingly violent, and silently turbulent.

Video of full performance:

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For carillon

5 minutes

Commissioned by the Rockefeller Carillon New Music Festival. Premiered by Ellen Dickinson in Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, Chicago, IL, USA, May 25 2019

Drawing inspirations from the Spanish poet Juan Carlos Mestre's poem Pan de Ayer (Yesterday's Bread), Pluie (Rain) is a work on the remembrance of the forgotten, a lament for the lost, and a farewell to the past.

Full recording: